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460 full-time and part-time library workers voted 77% in favor of forming a union with the Machinists (IAM).

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“Betty was the best! A kind woman, sensitive to the feelings of all animals. A talented woman blessed with a long life.

Politics and Prose (P&P), an independent bookstore and cultural hub located in the District of Columbia and UFCW Local 400 have reached an agreement on the scope of a bargaining unit at P&P, and the union has now been formally recognized as the collective bargaining agent for the bookstore unit. 

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Millions of undocumented immigrants, who are vital to our economic recovery, still live in fear because of our outdated and inhumane immigration system. It’s time to put an end to this injustice. Tell your senators to pass a budget that includes a broad pathway to citizenship.

The labor movement is working nonstop to ensure workers devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic receive the protections and support needed during this challenging time. Get involved and make sure the needs of working people are heard.