Labor Day Message from President Donna S. Edwards

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Labor Day Message from President Donna S. Edwards

America’s union members built the middle class and are an important and fundamental part of the history of the United States commerce and growth as a global economic powerhouse. Our collective wins were instrumental in improving the lives of working men and women by achieving rights such as the eight-hour workday/40 hours work week and overtime pay, child labor laws, health insurance, paid holidays, maternity and paternity leave, paid sick leave, job safety and health, equal pay legislation, pensions, and workplace anti-discrimination laws. 

The nation’s union members represent a cross-section of people – women and men of all ages, races and ethnic groups. Unions are important because they help set the standards for education, skill levels, wages, working conditions, and quality of life for workers.  

Take time this Labor Day to remember all of the men and women who risked their jobs and their lives to fight for the benefits so often taken for granted today. Recognize the sacrifices and courage of ALL workers who worked on the frontlines, behind the scenes and in our communities during the pandemic to maintain our safety, health, life essentials and public services and keep our economy moving. 

As we navigate our way beyond the pandemic, labor unions will spearhead workers’ collective voices to demand that our work that built wealth for the 1%, be rewarded financially and equitably. We work longer, harder, smarter and are more productive than ever before but our jobs alone cannot define us.  We work to enrich our lives, to buy freedom to spend time with our families and build our communities.  

As we celebrate Labor Day, it is more important than ever that we honor working people and reflect on the many hard-won accomplishments of America’s labor movement.  

We need workers to have more power.   

We need an economy that works better for the typical worker.  

We need to pass the PRO ACT (Protecting the Right to Organize Act) to restore the rights of workers to form a union and bargain together for changes in the workplace. 

Continue to contact Congress demanding it passes the PRO ACT.